May 29, 2019

VIENNA, VA – Democrat Tim Chapman, candidate for Chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, launched his first major TV ad of the campaign focused on his bold, progressive vision for Fairfax County. The first ad puts a spotlight on Fairfax County affordable housing, education challenges and the failure to make these a priority. Starting this week, the TV ads will run continuously on CNN and MSNBC through the June 11th primary.   

“I’m proud to launch our campaign’s first television ad, which focuses on affordable housing for all of Fairfax County and not just those in Fairfax government today,” Chapman said. “On June 11th, Democrats will have the first primary in nearly half a century and the choices are clear — someone with the experience, willingness and vision to tackle Fairfax challenges today or those who use the rigged system and the public trust for their own personal gain.”